Train Effectively for Mountaineering Trip

Hill Walking

Are you ready for your mountaineering trip? Climbing a mountain isn’t like any other activity that you only have to prepare the food, gears and transportation. Apart from those preparations, you also have to physically train yourself if you want to be a mountaineer. Mountaineering is a sport which also needs a great deal of […]

Mountain Biking Parts

There are varied ways on how to make your mountain biking pleasurable. Proper location is one. Mountain biking buddies are as important as well. And you should also have the proper mountain bikes. But for most, having an ordinary mountain bike is enough. Most importantly, they want their bikes to have the most sophisticated mountain […]

Hiking-Trekking Pole

Planning a vacation that is unique and exciting can become a difficult task, especially when you are not looking for something family-oriented but something more rigorous or demanding. Especially if you enjoy outdoor activities and physical challenges, you may have run out of options, having exhausted all the usual trails that energetic and athletic adventurists […]

Mountain Bike Anatomy

A mountain bike is the one thing you need before you go mountain biking. A mountain bike contains many parts, which will be covered below: Bottom bracket – This attaches the crankset to the body of a bike. Brake cable – This is the cable that connects the brake lever to the brake mechanism. Brake […]

Rock Climbing Equipment

There are many heights that people want to reach, both literally and figuratively. For rock climbers, they want to reach the peak of the high summits that will give them a good view of this wonderful sight. That and many other reasons are some of the things that attract people to mountain climbing. With the […]

Women Mountain Biking

It has always been said that women are the weaker sex. Looking into all aspects, all the women would agree that belief is debatable because more than ever more and more women have proven a lie out of that cliche. Gone are the days when men dominate in almost anything that needs physical strength and […]

Mountain Climbing Boots

Are you interested in shopping for the right mountain climbing boots for you? If so, heres what you should consider to get it right the first time around. Event Type Mountain climbing is a general term applied to all types of hikes and climbs for mountainous regions. Its important to choose the appropriate footwear for […]

Trekking Centre

If you are really interested in getting into the popular sport of trekking, but are a bit worried about your safety or lack of experience, then a great way to ease yourself into this sport is to first pay a visit to a trekking centre. A trekking centre can help you to get into the […]

Trekking in Asia

Trekking is a form of hiking or walking through mountainous, rugged or rough areas. It is a sport which most often takes place in beautiful mountain ranges. When trekking in Asia, the hiker gets the opportunity to experience the beauty and uniqueness of the Himalayas. The Himalayas have the largest mountain peaks in the world […]

Professional Mountain Climbers

There are many professional mountain climbers and guides nowadays. Some of them gained their title through tedious work and death defying moves upon traversing the mountains of Everest, K2 and the like. There are numerous men and women professional mountain climbers nowadays. We will start with the well-known professional men mountain climbers who are: Millican […]